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While we have yet to officially launch, the purpose of this party will be to create something different. Unlike most political parties in America, this one allows people to join rather than simply vote for candidates. Our goal is to become active in communities, doing work that the government has failed or is unwilling to do in addition to general charity work and protecting vulnerable people. In a sense we’re not really a political party, more of an organization with some political goals, but largely to improve the nation from the bottom up.

Unlike other so-called “third parties”, you won’t find generic rhetoric regarding vague liberal stances or radical “conservative” stances. America doesn’t need yet another party calling for radical environmentalism and social justice or lowering taxes and states rights, because if stating those generic goals was something which improved our communities, then by this point our communities would be paradise on Earth.

The purpose of this website will be to push out our message, to help organize people, and keep people up to date with what’s going on.

The reason the name National Federalist Party was chosen is because we want to emphasize the importance of national organization and national goals. Granted right now there is an attempt by some to change the meaning of “federalist” to mean what was once called “antifederalist” or “confederalist.” Regardless of your economic stance, know that George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison, all federalists, believed in a strong centralized government and their actions reflected that.

Naturally, some would say “but they didn’t mean this big!” Well, indeed, there is a lot of bloat and disorganization within the federal government right now, but that can be fixed, and it pales in comparison to the 64 states and territories, all running different governments, often at ¬†loss and against their own people. If local government was automatically better, then I imagine most of American cities and states wouldn’t be the garbage dumps they are.

If someone calls him or herself a federalist and then promotes states rights and uses antifederalist rhetoric from the likes of Thomas Jefferson, then it’s safe to say they are not a federalist. Nevertheless, out goals don’t include playing the same game of politics that everyone else plays, because it’s a waste of time and doesn’t help people, rather we want to do rather than say.

America has many problems with violence, lack of moral standards, a strange lack of self-identity that’s caused young people to lash out in irrational ways and create innumerable¬†labels for themselves and others, and America is the largest consumer of illegal drugs, and yet it is said by some the best way to deal with that problem is to make them legal, then it will all vanish. Perhaps the drug war has largely failed, but that doesn’t mean legalize drugs, in the same way that our infrastructure collapsing doesn’t mean ignore it and let it fall apart, as many also want.

What is to come and how we will function is up in the air, and our platform is not yet defined, but understand that the foundation of this party is socially conservative, and  economically liberal, something not found in any other mainstream party, despite many Americans falling into this category.

There’s a tendency in America to view everything in a black/white context. In other words, people tend to only support third parties and charitable organizations if they agree with 100% of their platform, and yet ironically will call themselves Democrat or Republican when they don’t agree with 99% of either one, lest we forget all of those who support the Libertarian Party simply due to drug legalization and are often, but not always, completely ignorant of their lassez-faire economic beliefs.

So, I hope that maybe we can find some common ground and get things done in our communities, even if we don’t agree.

Platform and other information to come soon.

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